Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Unlock your hidden motivation and will power

Have you been feeling low in confidence and self esteem worrying about how your body looks and what your friends might think of you?

Have you been dieting for months watching your weight fluctuate and getting depressed as nothing seems to really work long term? Do you make excuses when your friend invite you out?

It’s the key to a healthy life…

To get the best results from hypnotherapy its really important that you want to make changes, feel calm, relaxed and fully trust your therapist that’s why all of my sessions start with a detailed discussion about you, your lifestyle and for me to understand how you see your life once you’ve achieved your target weight.

Getting your motivation and will power

Once we have established the root cause of your weight issue and agreed your goals I will tailor a bespoke therapy plan to help you achieve your life time ambitions. I will then explain how the process works before gently leading you into an extreme deep state of relaxation where you will be fully conscious and aware of your surroundings at all times, I will then work on changing those poor behaviour patterns that are preventing you from losing weight and achieving the goals that we set out together.

Get the best results from hypnotherapy

Once you come out of the extreme state of relaxation you will feel energised, calm, content and happy and ready to live the best-ever and healthiest version of your life you’ve ever known.

A convenient location Cambridgeshire…

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