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I’m Karen and I decided to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist because of my own life experiences and because I simply love helping people improve their life.

Panic Attacks, Hypnotherapy and Me…

I first became interested in Hypnotherapy in the early 1980’s just after the birth of my second child, for no reason whatsoever and out of the blue, I started to getting panic attacks to an extent where my quality of life was being severely compromised — I felt nervous, insecure depressed and even struggled walking to the shops, getting on the bus or speaking to people who had been my friends for many years.

Hypnotherapy turned my life around…

These panic attacks continued for a good 12 months until I eventually discovered Hypnotherapy — and I can honestly say, Hypnotherapy turned my life around.

All of a sudden, those nasty negative feeling were replaced with warm, bright fuzzy happy positive ones which gave me a second chance in life and eventually a chance to help others in the same position.

Hypnotherapy aside, here’s more about me…

I was born in Ilfracombe, Devon but travelled the world for the first 16 years of my life with my parents who were in the armed forces.

I am a warm caring individual and enjoy listening as it helps me get to know you — which in turn, allows me to understand you and what you wish to achieve from hypnotherapy.

Last but by no means least, I am a mother, a grandmother and a wife – I’m just a normal person cares about others.

Become the new you – let’s work together

Together we can work towards achieving your life goals, overcome obstacles and issues and ensure you get to live the happiest version of your life that you could ever imagine.

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